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Our Name: Charis Community Church

Charis is an English spelling of the Greek word for grace. Add community, now you have a grace community, or community of grace. Community also represents our desire to be a community of grace for all people. Charis Community Church = a community of grace, receiving and offering the grace of Jesus to all people.

Vision & Mission

One word vision and mission statement: Jesus.  

- We exist to worship and follow Jesus (vision) and call others to do the same (mission). 

Leadership Structure

- Plural leadership team that is moving toward having a full-time pastor(s) (Lord willing, and as the church is ready  and able).  

- Leadership team does primary leadership of church (with input from entire church), and equips the church to do  the work of ministry.  

- Annual congregational meeting for major items such as approval of budget/financial plan.  Congregation could  remove leaders by 2/3rd majority vote if needed.   

- Men are added to leadership team by nomination from the leadership team and affirmation by 2/3rd majority  vote of members.  They can be removed in a similar manner (or by congregation alone, as mentioned).  

- Congregational autonomy with input and accountability from outside of our church.  Open to that being either formal or informal affiliation, whatever best serves the church. 

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