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Core Values

- Worship

- Expository Preaching

- Prayer 

- Do Less Better (this  helps us focus on a few really important things so they don't get crowded out by the many good things).  

  • Real, Regular Rest (God has built rest into the rhythms of life, and it's something we must be intentional about. We have short, simple Sunday worship services so Sunday can be a true day of rest for as many people as possible, and we have few church programs so we aren't overly busy). 

  • Think Small as we Grow Large (not about the size of the church, but about keeping the mindset of a small, informal, welcoming church, no matter what size we are). 

- Healthy Relationships

  • Trust First (Relationships are built on trust.  When trust is lost, restoring it becomes our top priority, because churches move at the speed of trust. Without trust, we stop moving forward). 

  • Stay Current

  • Authenticity

- Healthy Homes

  • Marriages

  • Families

  • Singles 

- People over Policies 

- Decide at Home (Clearly teach Scripture, but where Scripture isn't specific or clear, each home is responsible to decide how to apply it. This is not a promotion of individualism but of responsibility. You are responsible). 

- Shepherd-Leadership (The shepherd-leader has relationship with the flock.  He walks in front of the flock and they trust him enough to follow. This avoids twin ditches of passivity on one side - he's in front showing the way to safety, good food/water, etc) or authoritarianism on the other side - he is a shepherd, not a cowboy, he invites, never drives, they follow voluntarily because they know and trust him. Shepherd Leadership is not just about the leadership team, but about a culture that empowers leaders throughout the church). 

- Membership (If you are a follower of Jesus and attend regularly we view you as a member.  There are additional requirements for leadership.  This view of membership does not remove accountability but increases it, since all who attend regularly are within the scope of accountability. If there is biblical cause your membership will be removed.

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